Antoine CHOQUET Computer Security and Software Development
Education and Training

2011 - 2014

Ingineering degree in computer science, specialty "payment systems and computer security", ENSICAEN, university of Caen. In apprenticeship with Orange SOFT, Orange Labs in Caen (France).

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Computer Teaching Units

  • Basics of algorithmic
  • Advanced algorithmic
  • Algorithms for cryptography
  • Introduction to programming
  • Java and object-oriented programming
  • C++ and object-oriented programming
  • Java technology
  • Distributed systems objects : Corba & EJB
  • Microprocessor and embedded programming
  • Introduction to Internet technologies
  • Software development tools
  • Software engineering and object design
  • Graphical interface design
  • Operating system and network
  • Networks security
  • Databases
  • Data security
  • Computer Architecture
  • Communication protocol
  • Communication systems architecture
  • Coding, compression and transmission
  • Training data and data mining
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Security systems
  • Identification and Authentication

Electronic Paiement Teaching Units

  • Introduction to electronic payment
  • Smartcards and terminals (EPOS)
  • Customize smartcards
  • Cryptography for electronic payment
  • Electronic payment standards
  • Organizations and actors of electronic banking
  • HSM communication security
  • Electronic payment flows
  • Electronic banking risk management
  • New uses of electronic banking

General Teaching Units

  • English
  • Labor law
  • Computer law
  • Management
  • Project methodology
  • Marketing and innovation
  • Business strategy
  • Mathematics for cryptography
  • Mathematics for signal processing
  • Statistics and probability
  • Logic circuit
  • TOEIC Exam

2010 - 2011

Bachelor’s degree in computer science, "Sciences et Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication (STIC)", CNAM of Caen. In professional training contract with France Telecom DPS, Orange Labs in Caen (France).

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Teaching Units

  • NFE113 - Databases conception and administration
  • NSY115 - Project management
  • NFE108 - Methodology of information systems
  • CCE105 - Written and oral practices of professional communication
  • NFP121 - Advanced programming
  • RSX101 - Networks and telecommunication
  • RSX112 - Safety and networks
  • English - BULATS level certification

2008 - 2010

"Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie (DUT)" in computer science, University of Caen (France).

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Computer teaching units

  • Algorithms and programming
  • Architecture, systems and networks
  • Tools and models of software engineering
  • Databases administration

General teaching units

  • Mathematics
  • Economics and business administration
  • Language, expression, communication


"Baccalauréat général scientifique" (A-level) specialty mathematics, high school Salvador Allende, Hérouville (France).

Professional Experiences

2014 - 2015

IT service contract at Symphony EYC in Nantes. Android development.

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Vocal picking project

Android application with voice interface for picking in warehouses.

  • Setting up continuous integration : Jenkins
  • Project management : Trello
  • Versioning software : SVN
  • Licensing based on IMEI number
  • Web service JSON
  • Remote visualization of terminal state

Vocal administration project

JBoss server application for the administration of the voice solution in logistics warehouses.

  • Using HTML5 / JQuery / GWT
  • QRCode generation
  • JSON web services
  • Versioning software : ClearCase

2011 - 2014

Apprenticeship contract alternately at Orange SOFT in Caen. Software development.

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Monitoring Notilus project

Real time visualization of the state of the broadcasters management component of Contact Everyone project.

  • Design and development of monitoring project
  • Using HTML5 / JQuery / Javascript / Bootstrap
  • JqPlot library
  • Java JMX development to query the JVM on the state of its pools
  • Bash scripts for log analysis
  • Delivery and submission to support teams

[HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, JavaScript, Botstrap, JqPlot, Bash, JMX]

My Office Phone project

Android application for Livebox Pro customers, intended to facilitate the mobility of these customers (call forwarding, displayed number customization, call logs ...)

  • Requirements analysis
  • Technical specifications writing
  • Design and Development Java / Android of different user stories
    • WAN authentication, contacts management, logs sending
    • Concepts of cryptography (RSA algorithm)
  • Bug tracker : Redmine
  • Continuous integration : Jenkins
  • Gestion de projet : méthode Kanban
  • Versioning software : SVN
  • Meetings with beta testers
    • Tracking and analysis of their return
  • Bug fixing

[Android, Java, Redmine, Jenkins, Kanban, Trello, SVN]

Orange Wallet project

Android application giving access to SIM card secure module in Orange terminals. This application allows you to generate a secure NFC access to third-party application (eg. subscriptions transport or contactless payment)

  • Rewrite application's implementation and existing architecture
    • Technical documentation
  • Involvement in homogenization of the application project
    • Merging the different requirements of countries (Spain, Poland and France)
    • Evolutions functional specifications
  • Design and Development Java/Android
  • Using NFC library
  • Sim card access Google API
  • Delivery to internal qualifying teams

[Android, Java, SIM API Google, NFC, Redmine, Jenkins, SCRUM, SVN]

Game of Thrones project

Application iOs offered by OCS (Orange Cinema Series) to fans of the series, enabling real-time synchronization of information on the series (enhanced TV)

  • iOs training provided by Valltech : 1 week
  • Skill improvement on iOs / Objective C
  • Design and development on the second version of this application (integration of a multi-universe series)
  • Involve in architecture redesign

[iOs, Objective C, Architecture]

Clicvoice project

Service that facilitates the connection with a telephone call

  • Application management
  • Architecture
    • Delphi client embedded in Microsoft Office
    • JEE server that monitor the phone switches (PABX : Private Automatic Branch eXchange)
  • Developing Java JEE patches
    • Administration side, PABX states, emergency PABX management
  • Writing acceptance tests
    • Tracking a test plan

[Java/JEE, Struts, Delphi, PABX]

Projet DropZone Clicvoice

C++ / Qt evolution of Clicvoice to have a Microsoft Office independent solution. The interface is a desktop widget where the user can drag and drop a phone number or contact.

  • POC realization
  • Writting specifications
  • Internal training Qt framework
  • Design and development C ++ / Qt Creator - cross plateforms
  • Project management : 2 trainees to manage
  • Planning, division of tasks
  • Scrum and agile methodology

[Project management, SCRUM, C++, Qt Creator]

IAMP project

Internet Acces Managment Plateform : Liveboxs authentication plateform, IP assignement, logs connections, ticketing

  • Implementation of a Flex interface to launch test suites for RADIUS authentication
  • Study on migration of the authentication server component from Solaris to Red Hat 5
  • Setting up a continuous integration server, Jenkins and a Sonar plugin for code quality

[Flex, RedHat 5, Solaris, Jenkins, Sonar]

2010 - 2011

Professional contract alternately at France Telecom DPS in Caen. Computer software development (JEE).

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  • SCJA certificate (Sun Certification Java Associate)
  • Internal formations
    • JEE
    • Struts 2
    • Enterprise Architect
  • Contact Everyone Project : web application that allows massive sending of multimedia messages through various channels: SMS / MMS, mail, fax, voice message.
    • Reverse engineering
    • Modelization : use case diagrams, class diagrams, sequence diagrams ...
    • Technical documentations
    • Bugs fixing
  • Selfcare project : Administration interface of Orange Office Pro.
    • Bugs fixing
    • Externalization of a mail template test tools

[SCJA, Enterprise Architect, Service Oriented Architecture, SCRUM, TMA, JAVA/JEE, Struts 2, Quality Center, IceScrum]


Work placement in Bangkok, Thailand. Three months at "Frontware International", web development (PHP).

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Web Design and Development

  • Creating a simple graphics generation tool in .Net with ZedGraph library.
  • Project to simplify the publication of a catalog of products for Starexcel company manufacturer and distributor of automotive parts.
    • Database design (PostgreSQL)
    • Massive import form for products from CSV format
    • Pagination
    • Search engine
    • Implementation of logs with log4php
    • User operations history
    • User authentication
  • Google Map API and TCPDF library Integration on the Frontware International website, in order to print a plan and an itinerary to go to the business.

[PHP, log4PHP, TCPDF, .Net, ZedGraph, SQL, posgreSQL, Transaction, Google Map API]


Manage a conference as part of an art exhibition at University.

Summer 2007 - 2008

Employed on a farm.

  • Programming languages : Java SE/EE, C/C++, PHP, Android, Objective C
  • Frameworks : Struts, Spring, Maven, Qt, GWT, JQuery, Bootstrap, Meteor
  • Web Technologies : HTML5, CCS3, Javascript, NodeJS
  • Modeling languages : UML, Merise
  • Databases : Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase, MongoDb
  • Monetics : ISO 7816, ISO 8583, ISO 20022, ISO 14443, EMV, Cryptology
  • Operating systems : Windows, Linux, MacOS, Solaris
  • Continuous integration : Jenkins, Sonar
  • Other : Photoshop
  • Z-Wave
  • Raspberry
  • Ultimate Frisbee : Competition, first national division.
  • Swimming / Running : Regular practice to keep in shape.
  • Saxophone : 12 years of intrumental practice. Orchestra plays for 10 years and jazz band for 3 years.
  • Tuba : 2 years of instrumental practice.
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